Caring For A Parent With Dementia In 2023: What You Need To Know

how to care for a parent with dementia
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What is Dementia?

Dementia is a condition that affects the brain, causing memory loss, cognitive decline, and changes in personality. It is caused by a variety of different diseases and conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease. As of 2023, it is estimated that 1 in 6 people over the age of 65 will have some form of dementia. It is a progressive illness, meaning that it gets worse over time, and can eventually lead to death.

How Does Dementia Affect My Parent?

Dementia affects people in different ways. Your parent may experience difficulty with day-to-day activities, such as remembering names, using the telephone, or even performing simple tasks such as making a cup of tea. They may also have difficulty with short-term memory, difficulty with language, and changes in personality. It is important to remember that these changes are not intentional, and that your parent needs your support and understanding.

How Can I Help My Parent?

Caring for a parent with dementia can be a challenging and emotional experience, but it is important to remember that your parent is still the same person they have always been, and they still need your love and support. Here are some tips for helping your parent with dementia:

  • Create a safe environment – ensure that there are no hazards in the home, such as loose rugs or furniture that could cause a fall.
  • Provide structure – create a daily routine that your parent can follow, such as certain times for meals, medication, and activities.
  • Encourage social interaction – visit with family and friends, or join a support group.
  • Stay connected – make sure that your parent is still involved in meaningful activities that they enjoy.
  • Be patient – try to remain calm and understanding in stressful situations.
  • Seek help – if you are having difficulty managing your parent’s care, seek help from a qualified professional.

What Kinds of Treatment Are Available for Dementia?

In 2023, there are a variety of treatments available for dementia, including medications, therapies, and lifestyle changes. Medications can help improve cognitive function, reduce symptoms, and slow the progression of the disease. Therapies such as cognitive stimulation, music therapy, and art therapy can help improve memory and cognitive functioning. And lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, and social interaction can also help improve symptoms.

What Should I Expect in the Future?

Dementia is a progressive illness, and it is important to remember that the symptoms will get worse over time. As the disease progresses, your parent may need more help with everyday activities, and may require more assistance with medical care. It is important to be prepared for the future, and to make sure that you are able to provide the necessary care for your parent.


Caring for a parent with dementia can be a challenging and emotional experience, but it is important to remember that your parent still needs your love and support. By understanding the condition, creating a safe environment, providing structure, and seeking help when needed, you can help ensure that your parent is receiving the best care possible.

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