Does Cardio Help With Weight Loss?

does cardio help with weight loss
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As one of the most popular forms of exercise, cardio has long been linked to weight loss. But is it really true that cardio can help you lose weight? The answer is a resounding “yes!” Cardio, or aerobic exercise, is an excellent way to burn calories, build strength, and improve overall health. In this article, we’ll discuss how cardio can help you reach your weight loss goals.

What is Cardio?

Cardio, or aerobic exercise, is any activity that increases your heart rate and breathing for an extended period of time. Examples of cardio include walking, running, stair climbing, dancing, swimming, and cycling. In general, the more intense the activity, the more calories you will burn. That’s why activities like running and stair climbing are more effective at burning calories than walking.

How Does Cardio Help with Weight Loss?

The main way that cardio helps with weight loss is by burning calories. When you do cardio, your body uses energy to fuel your muscles. This energy comes from the calories you consume in your diet. The more intense the cardio activity, the more calories you will burn. This is why it is important to choose activities that are challenging and that you enjoy.

What Types of Cardio Should I Do?

The type of cardio you should do depends on your fitness level and goals. If you are new to exercise, start with low-intensity activities such as walking or swimming. As your fitness level increases, you can move on to more intense activities such as running or stair climbing. You can also mix up your routine by trying different types of cardio such as dancing, cycling, or HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

How Much Cardio Should I Do?

The amount of cardio you should do will depend on your goals and fitness level. Generally, it is recommended that you do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week. This can be broken into 30-minute sessions 5 times per week. If you want to lose weight faster, you can increase the intensity and duration of your workouts.

What Other Benefits Does Cardio Have?

In addition to helping with weight loss, cardio has many other benefits. It can improve your cardiovascular health, reduce your risk of heart disease, and help you manage stress. Regular cardio can also help you build muscle, which can help you burn more calories even when you are at rest. Finally, doing cardio can help boost your mood and give you more energy.


Cardio is an excellent way to lose weight and improve your overall health. It can help you burn calories, build muscle, and reduce your risk of heart disease. Make sure to choose activities that you enjoy and that are challenging for your fitness level. With regular cardio and a healthy diet, you can reach your weight loss goals in no time.

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